The University of Sydney - Biogeochemistry Group

Dijkstra Laboratory 

Dijkstra Lab

Our group investigates carbon, nutrient, and water dynamics in agro-ecosystems, grasslands, and forests, and how these dynamics are affected by climate and land use change. Our research is focused on plant-microbe-soil interactions that are critical for food production and ecosystem functioning.

We are currently working on the following projects:

  1. CAFE: Clipping And Fertilizer Experiment
  2. A soil-plant nexus to maximise soil organic carbon sequestration
  3. Carbon costs for plant uptake of nutrients and water
  4. Microbial carbon use efficiency in relation to soil properties
  5. Soil pH effects on nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer use efficiency

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Feike:

Centre for Carbon, Water and Food

The University of Sydney

380 Werombi Road

Camden, NSW 2570

To give you an idea what we are doing in our lab you can watch the following video, which was made by my former PhD student Alberto Canarini: